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Principal's report

Kate Fogarty writes about ways to keep our cool when stressed, and what's being done to ensure the safety of our studentsClick here to read more.




Parent-student-teacher interviews


The mid-semester parent-student-teacher interviews will be held on Thursday, September 7 and Monday, September 11 from 3.30-7.00pm.

You can book a time by logging into your Parent Access Module (PAM) account.

Science Week fun

National Science Week showcased and celebrated science, engaging students in science activities across the week.

Most activities were held in class, but on Wednesday, August 16 we opened up a lab to staff and students. Click here to read more.

We congratulate a young carpenter

We wish year 10 student Michael Spiteri in Austin 2 the best of luck as he competes in the World Skills Competition for VET carpentry.

He will represent Bendigo Kangan Institute and Assumption College on Monday, September 12 as the only first-year student nominated for 2017. Michael will be competing against others in the Melbourne region, and if he wins gold he'll move through to the National competition later this year. Here's hoping he brings home gold.

Tonya Frost - Pathways and VET Officer


 Learning about responsible gambling

Do you know that you have more chances of becoming a movie star or getting struck by lightning than winning Powerball?

Last week our year 12 VCAL students participated in  a Love the Game not the Odds 
workshop run by Julie and Khloe from the Responsible Gambling Foundation.  Click here to read more.


Lavish praise for our photographers

As the director of photography, I thank and congratulate a team of hardworking, behind-the-scenes people – my photography team. 

Photography is not just showing up and taking decent photos. Click here to read more.

McAuley helped make our big day

During the Assumption Day fete on August 15 McAuley ran three hugely successful stalls for burgers, drinks, a dunking machine as well as a hula hoop challenge.

The dunking machine, which was organised by the SRCs of McAuley, was open to all students and teachers to either participate or have a shot at hitting the target. Click here to read more.



Families wishing to use the Assumption College bus service in 2018 are invited to apply by clicking on the link below.

Families currently using the bus service have already been emailed this information. Please complete the form and return to Assumption College by Friday September 8 2017. Applications received after this date cannot be guaranteed a place on the bus. For further information please email mailto:bus@assumption.vic.edu.au


Meningococcal vaccines

Meningococcal W vaccines will be administered by the Mitchell Shire for year 10, 11 and 12 students on September 14
and 15.  

Permission cards were posted out a few months ago and many families have still not returned them.  The shire request that all cards be returned completed whether or not your child is receiving the injections. If you did not receive a card contact Mitchell Shire or the school for a new one. If you have any questions about the vaccination please contact Mitchell Shire.


Will you help us help the homeless?

Our VCAL students are making polar fleece blankets for the homeless. 


We have sourced cheap fleece from a company and to help reduce the cost we are seeking donations. Each blanket costs less than $13 to make. Click here to read more.


Marlhes Restaurant

The restaurant will be open on September 20 and to make a booking click here.  We look forward to welcoming you and your family and friends to the Marlhes.

Nigel Engel - Restaurant Manager


Equestrians are off to the nationals

I was among four girls who represented Assumption College at the VEIS Grand Final in Dressage on August 5.

Anna Gurnett, Isabella Robertson-Dickson and I competed in the Elementary class against a tough field while battling a strong wind. Click here to read more.

ACK sport

Our senior girls footy side played Caulfield Grammar last weekend, and earlier in the month our junior girls basketballers competed in Melbourne. Click here to read more.



Parent Access Module

For everything you need to know about your child's education at Assumption College - key dates, payments, student performances, college policies, resources and much more, click here.




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